The Oakland Raiders will have to pay two former cheerleaders $1.25 million to settle the class-action wage theft lawsuit filed eight months ago. The two cheerleaders alleged that the team broke state labor laws when it failed to pay minimum wage, withheld wages for months and refused to reimburse them for their business expenses.

The settlement announced Thursday comes just one month after the Raiders admitted to the cheerleaders' claims and gave their new employees a contract that tripled their pay. The contract gave the cheerleaders $9 an hour, plus overtime for the 350 hours each cheerleader puts in each year. Their total annual salary will now be about 3,200 dollars.

The settlement came after the two sides negotiated last month in San Diego. Attorneys agreed to a settlement that will apply to any cheerleader who has worked for the team since the 2010-11 season. The settlement will give cheerleaders $2,500 in back pay and penalties for the 2013-14 season and $6,000 in back pay and penalties for each of the three seasons before that, the Los Angeles Times reported.