President Barack Obama said Saturday he is willing to enact health care industry reforms without the support of Republican lawmakers, two days after a televised summit in Washington brought together top politicians to discuss the issue.

I said at the end of Thursday's summit that I am eager and willing to move forward with members of both parties on health care if the other side is serious about coming together to resolve our differences and get this done. But I also believe that we cannot lose the opportunity to meet this challenge, Obama said in his weekly Internet and radio address today.

Obama said tens of millions of men and women, small businesses, and people with pre-existing medical conditions cannot wait for health care reforms.

The comments come as congressional Democrats consider submitting a bill for the President's signature to enact into law that would mandate wide-ranging reforms on the health insurance industry and expanded coverage to more than 30 million U.S. residents.

Obama on Thursday gave lawmakers six weeks to pass a bill in a bipartisan fashion, but left open the possibility to pass a bill with a simple majority vote comprised of Democratic lawmakers beyond that.