President Barack Obama will fly to his hometown in Chicago on Wed. to celebrate his 50th birthday party at two fundraisers for Democrats.

Though his actual birthday is Thurs., the President will attend two events hosted by the Democratic National Committee for the celebration of his half-century birthday and for fundraising efforts.

The first of the fundraisers is set to be held at the Aragon Ballroom with about 1,000 guests who paid between $50 and $35,800 to attend the event Wed. evening with a second smaller event following directly after.

The proceeds from the fundraiser events, where Jennifer Hudson and Herbie Hancock are scheduled to perform, will be split between the Democratic National Committee and President Obama's 2012 re-election campaign, as reported in the Chicago Tribune.

President Obama will reportedly be greeted at the event by tea party activists who plan to protest outside the event, reportedly over the lack of jobs and unemployment rate according to the Washington Times.

"All of my friends are out of work," William J. Kelly, who is organizing the protest, said to the Washington Times. "The president is out here trying to raise money to get reelected, and we want real Americans to have jobs."

The President is under scrutiny from the Republican National Committee, who after grueling weeks consumed debating plans to combat the debt ceiling, signed a debt compromise to reduce the deficit.

No plans have been reported as to how President Obama will celebrate his actual birthday on Thurs.