Donald Trump’s “very big” announcement about U.S. President Barack Obama, which he has touted all week, could be about Obama's divorce papers, which were filed years ago, according to a colleague of Trump.

Douglas Kass, a Florida investor and frequent guest on CNBC’s “Squawkbox,” said Trump has unearthed the divorce papers between First Lady Michelle Obama and the President. Kass tweeted on Tuesday to his then-48,000 followers that somehow Trump got his hands on the divorce filings and will show them to the world Wednesday for the big announcement.

“High above the Alps, my Gnome has heard that Donald Trump will announce that he has unearthed divorce papers between the Prez and his wife,” Kass wrote.

After she was contacted about the tweet, Trump spokeswoman, Holly Lorenzo, told the Daily Mail she had no idea what her boss might announce Wednesday.

“All we know is that he is going to announce it on his Twitter and Facebook accounts tomorrow. I don’t know what time it will be, that’s all I know,” she told the newspaper.

On Monday, Trump first announced that he was slated to announce something on Wednesday that would be “bordering on gigantic” in terms of changing the way President Obama is perceived.

He told Fox & Friends on Monday the announcement is “something very, very big concerning the president of the United States. It's going to be very big. I know one thing -- you will cover it in a very big fashion.”

Many believed Trump’s announcement was that Obama used and sold cocaine while in college. Radar Online reported that a close friend of the President’s said he contacted Republican operatives to release the news that Obama didn’t only do cocaine, which he has admitted, but sold it as well. The source told Radar, however, that GOP operatives rejected the information and didn’t even pass it on to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

“They didn’t want anything to do with it,” the source said. “They thought it was not anything they wanted to be associated with or anything their candidate would want to be associated with. People who would have taken the information to the highest levels of Romney’s campaign just wouldn’t touch it. They don’t want their candidate smeared with this type of activity.”

For many, the news of an Obama divorce is old after claims were initially made public in a book released earlier this year by author Ed Klein. The controversial book resurfaced a story from 2000, before Obama’s presidency, claiming Michelle Obama had plans to divorce him eight years into their marriage. The book, entitled “The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House,” said Michelle Obama advised her husband not to run against Democratic congressman incumbent Bobby Rush for the Chicago House of Representatives seat in 2000. Obama did it anyway and lost 2-1, reportedly straining the couple’s relationship, though it was repaired in 2005 when Obama won the Illinois Senate race.

Once the book made headlines, presidential spokesman Eric Schultz denied the claims, saying that Klein frequently lies.

“Ed Klein has a proven history of reckless fabrication in order to sell books," Schultz told the Washington Examiner. "Nobody in their right mind would believe the nonsense in this one.”