President Barack Obama is getting his own biopic, but it isn’t about his presidency. “Southside With You” is a romantic dramedy that will show his first date with Michelle Obama (then Michelle Robinson). The first photos from the film were released Tuesday, and audiences can see what the actors who portray the president and first lady look like.

The film takes place in 1989, Variety reported. Barack and Michelle went to the Art Institute of Chicago and saw a movie, Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing.” Obviously, things went pretty well after that first date. The couple married in 1992.

The photos were snapped while “Southside With You” filmed in Chicago recently. Tika Sumpter, who plays 25-year-old Michelle, is pictured in a coral blouse and an off-white skirt, while Parker Sawyers, who plays 28-year-old Barack, is pictured in a blue button-down shirt and khaki pants.

It seems the film’s costume designers went with subdued fashion looks for both actors. The film avoided the trends of bright colors or big shoulder pads from the era and went with simple, classic style looks. The professional looks seem appropriate because the two met while working together at Sidley and Austin, a Chicago law firm, according to the White House.

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“Southside With You” is expected to hit theaters in 2016.