President Obama had a roundtable with Hispanic journalists on Wednesday, where he emphasized that he is not able to bring about immigration reform on his own.

The president also took questions from moderators that came from viewers.

We live in a democracy, Obama said, Politico reported. You have to pass bills through the Legislature, and then I can sign it. If all the attention is focused away from the legislative process, then that is going to lead to a constant dead end.

Obama blamed Republicans in Congress for their lack of support on the issue of immigration reform.

Only a few years ago, you had some Republicans who recognized that we needed to fix our immigration system, Obama said, The AP reported. Right now you do not have that kind of leadership coming from the Republican Party.

The president spoke of the challenges in getting Congress to pass the DREAM Act, which he supports, saying that a great disservice has been done.

The president was also asked about his jobs bill, the Defense of Marriage Act, and Puerto Rico, among other topics, The AP reported.

If it split down the middle or 51-49, I think Congress' inclination is going to be not to change but to maintain status quo until there is greater indication there is support for change, he said of Puerto Rico becoming a state or remaining a commonwealth, The AP reported.

And will the U.S. ever see a Latino candidate on the presidential ballot?

I am absolutely certain that within my lifetime we will have a Latino candidate for president who is very competitive and who may win, he said, CBS reported.