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Undocumented Immigrants

'The Ability To Not Live In Fear'

Obama will detail an overhaul of the nation's immigration policy Thursday night. For millions of families, it could be life-changing.
US Immigration Policy

Undocumented Immigrants In US Eagerly Await Reprieve

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will begin accepting applications Wednesday for a new Obama administration initiative, first announced in June, that allows many undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children to temporarily avoid deportation and obtain legal work permits.
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Five Paul Ryan Positions Americans May Love

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney selected Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his vice presidential running mate Saturday, and while the fresh-faced number-two man can be a divisive figure, he has some positions that conservative Americans, as well as some moderates and liberals, may love.
Obama's Miami Heats Flub

Obama Touts Immigration Policy At Latino Conference

In a stirring speech to Latino officials reminiscent of his 2008 campaign, President Barack Obama heralded a new policy shielding young immigrants from deportation and called on the U.S. Congress to pass immigration reform.
Eduardo Verástegui

'For Greater Glory' Star Eduardo Verástegui Talks War, Misrepresentations Of Latinos On Film

Few are familiar with the Cristero War that took place from 1926 to 1929 in Mexico. The brutal warfare began after persecuted Catholics refused to stop practicing their religion. An astounding 90,000 Mexicans were killed during the conflict -- including priests, nuns, and children. The film For Greater Glory, released Friday, shines a spotlight on this little-known but horrific piece of history.

On Cinco De Mayo, Obama Vows Action On DREAM Act

Seeking to reassure a Hispanic constituency that has grown disillusioned with some of his policies, President Obama reiterated his support for the DREAM Act during a Cinco de Mayo address, and blamed Republicans for obstructing immigration reform.


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