Obama's reelection campaign is already well underway and he is making sure to cover all the bases.

Targeting typically Republican-leaning states? Check. Spousal support? Check. Celebrity spokes people? Check.

Obama has decided to switch things up by targeting typically conservative states. With his support among blue-collar white voters far weaker than among white-collar independents, President Barack Obama is charting an alternative course to re-election should he be unable to win Ohio and other industrial states traditionally essential to Democratic presidential victories, wrote The Bulletin.

Obama wants to prove that his winning of Republican states in the Rocky Mountains and the South back in 2008 was no fluke.

However, results from a recent Gallup poll show that Americans favor Republicans over Democrats when it comes to the employment sector by a 7-point edge of 44 percent to 37 percent. Thus, it is clear that the President has a slightly bumpy road ahead.

Luckily, he has help from his wife. Michelle Obama has been pulling out all of the stops along the way of her husband's reelection campaign trail. Michelle's popularity is still high and campaign strategists are looking to boost her visibility during this pivotal time.

47 percent of women are said to have a very favorable opinion of her.

She's mingled barefoot among Aspen's elite, stirred a Vermont utility executive to tears and bucked up disenchanted New Yorkers, writes The AP. Since mid-May, the first lady has hosted more than a dozen fundraisers across the country.

And there seems to be no slowing down. On Sept. 30 she will travel to both Maine and Rhode Island.

On Sept. 29 she was photographed shopping at Target in Alexandria, VA, wearing sunglasses and a Nike baseball cap. This may have just been another tactic in her reelection campaign strategy. Or maybe she just really likes Target's savings.

On Monday Sept. 26 Obama attended a fundraising dinner in L.A. at West Hollywood's Fig & Olive, where two seats cost attendees $35,000. Eva Longoria, who Obama appointed to the board creating a new National Museum of the American Latino, was one of those in attendance. As a huge Obama supporter, Longoria gushed about getting to meet the commander-in-chief (and took some time to diss the Tea Party as well) in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

Some of his other celebrity supporters include George Clooney, Tom Hanks, and Steven Spielberg. This year, Obama is looking to surpass the $750 million he raised in 2008. Celebrity enthusiasts will certainly help him achieve this goal.

The current republican front runners are Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, and Rick Perry.