Today it is expected that President Barack Obama will order 10,000 US Troops back home from Afghanistan.

The expectation of a coming withdrawal probably as soon as the next month of July is based on the promise made in December 2009 when the US president increased the numbers of US soldiers in Afghanistan significantly.

Experts expect him to authorize a withdrawal of about 5,000 troops in July and another 5,000 in December of this year. Also further withdrawals are discussed to make a possible end to the Afghan commitment by 2015.

After all a reduction of troops in Afghanistan would allow Mr. Obama to address upcoming questions about his credibility during the 2012 presidential race as less military involvement in foreign originally was what people believed he promised. Military commander instead are said to be pushing for more moderate reductions in order to keep recent gains on the ground.

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates pointed out, There are concerns among the America people, who are tired of a decade of war.

General David Petraeus, in charge of the forces in Afghanistan has given the president a number of scenarios for a withdrawal this weekend and Jay Carney, spokesman of the White House confirmed the determination of president Obama to begin a withdrawal in July.