U.S. President Barack Obama could not hide his singing talent as he loosened his collar and joined Blues greats B.B. King and Buddy Guy in singing a few lines from 'Sweet Home Chicago' at a White House blues performance on Tuesday, called Red, White & Blues.

It was especially touching to see the U.S. president perform with George Buddy Guy, who is known as the pioneer of the Chicago blues and influenced such notable musicians as Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix.

I heard you sang that Al Green. So you done started something. You've gotta keep it up now, you can do it. Come on now, Guy told the president. Holding the microphone handed over by Mick Jagger, Obama sang a few verses from 'Sweet Home Chicago' with a smile and inner confidence.

Baby don't you wanna go
Come on, baby don't you wanna go
Sweet Home Chicago!

'Sweet Home Chicago' is known as a popular blues standard. Over the years, it has become the most beloved blues song for the city of Chicago.

People responded with amusement upon discovering their president's hidden talent in vidoes posted on YouTube.

Among the comments posted: President Barack your video was a lot of? fun! Thank you and everyone at the Blues event : ) it made my day! : ) God Bless, He is in tune, Coolest. President. Ever. I'm glad to have a great and fun man as our president :D?, To all the kids raised? with single mothers this prez is the poster child of wats possible if u stay in school work hard and keep out of trouble. Its not rocket science folks, Who could not love this? man??!!!!! I am SOOO proud!!! Better? Than Bieber and Dang he's cool!? 

Before the event, Mick Jagger, the Rolling Stones frontman who performed together with the blues greats, also had shared his excitement by tweeting after arriving for a rehearsal for the event, according to report by Washington Post.

Met President Obama who listened to a few tunes during rehearsal he seemed really relaxed and happy! @MickJagger tweeted.

This blues concert will be part of the In Performance at the White House series which airs on PBS.

Check out the video below: