President Obama's twitter account has 8.6 million followers and still counting. His White House staff has been tweeting on his behalf until yesterday. But today, Obama's twitter followers were greeted by a tweet that notified the public that from now on, his tweets will be signed -BO signifying a twitter campaign to boost his 2012 Presidentail race. Welcome to a new @BarackObama. From now on, #Obama2012 staff will manage this account; tweets from the President will be signed-BO, Obama's tweet read.

Looks like the President's Facebook and Twitter accounts will see daily updates managed by his 2012 presidential campaign staff, instead of White House staff.

In the past few years, Obama's Twitter average was one tweet per day. With the new announcement followers are likely to see a lot more than that.

One way we're putting that idea into practice is by taking the reins of these Facebook and Twitter accounts. This change will give us new opportunities to make the most of these channels, using them not only to report what the President is doing every day but to connect to the millions of supporters who will be driving this campaign. We'll be asking for your feedback and ideas, updating you on ways to get involved, sharing the best stories that cross our desks, and maybe even retweeting you every now and again.What else should we be keeping in mind as we make this switch? We're hoping you'll tell us. Let us know what you'd like to see on the President's Facebook page and on @BarackObama by shooting us a comment or tweet, or by leaving your thoughts below, post linked to the tweet on said.