The narrator of a new unlisted YouTube video describes the beautiful world that Occupy Wall Street is helping to turn people on to, setting his philosophical treatise to artistically-shot clips of the OWS movement and its supporters.

Occupy Wall St -- The Revolution Is Love, made by YouTube user reasonsforliving and posted on the site Sunday, is a masterfully-produced look into one man's view of the purpose of life, love and beauty as seen through the lens of the ubiquitous protest movement.

This movement isn't about the 99 percent defeating or toppling the 1 percent, the narrator tells viewers. What we want to create is the more beautiful world our heart tells us is possible, a sacred world, a world that works for everybody, a world that is healing, a world of peace.

The narrator, who identifies himself on YouTube only as a 38-year-old named eric, goes on to explain, as images of smiling protesters in elaborate costumes and everyday people fill the screen, that the movement is a peaceful one that aims to restore humanity to a time of peace, understanding and fairness.

He argues that even the one percent is hurting under an economic and cultural system that has divided and alienated the populace, and says that OWS is working to help people re-form those connections.

The movement actually understands that the system isn't working for the 1 percent either, he says. The institutions have their own logic. Life's pretty bleak at the top, and all of the baubles of the rich, they're kind of this phony compensation for what's important, the loss of community, the loss of connection, the loss of intimacy, the loss of meaning. Everybody wants to live a life of meaning.

The narrator did not immediately return a message seeking comment Monday evening.

Link to the Occupy Wall St - The Revolution Is Love Video