The 2012 Olympic Games are in full swing, running from July 27 through August 12 in London. From swimming, to gymnastics and archery, nations all over the world unite to compete in the most monumental and historical series of sporting events. Every four years, the best athletes of the world come together to face off in the games symbolized by the iconic seven colored rings.

The third day of the Olympics marked a historic moment for United States swimmer Michael Phelps, as he scored a gold medal for triumphing the men's 200-meter freestyle relay team. Chinese teenage swimmer Ye Shiwen, who was accused of using dope after setting a new world record for the 400-meter individual medley, won another gold medal on Tuesday.

It can be hard to keep track of all the sporting events and gold medalists during the 2012 Olympics, but luckily there are a number of ways to make sure you're up to date. For sports fans that want to catch the games on the go, here are five free mobile apps to follow the London Olympics.

1. London 2012 Official Join In App. This free application is available for Android, iOS and BlackBerry. This is the official mobile app for the Olympic Games, and it will deliver the results for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games. It's easy for fans to follow their favorite teams, since the app features a filter that allows users to follow any country of their choice.

2. London 2012 Results App.  The name of this application is self-explanatory, as it will keep Olympic fans up to date on the results for the 2012 London Games. This Results App also includes statistics, medal counts, and profiles for competing athletes. This is only available for iOS and Android platforms, unlike the Join In app that is also offered for BlackBerry users.

3. NBC Olympics Live Extra And NBC Olympics. This is the official app from NBC, but it is only available for those in the US with an iTunes account. NBC Olympics Live Extra live streams all of the games, including all 302 medal events. The NBC Olympics app provides highlights and recaps. These NBC branded apps are available for iOS and Android platforms.

4. BBC Olympics. This is free for both Android and iOS, and also filters by country. Users can also back track to previous Olympics medal winners to refresh their memories in preparation for the events.

5. Reuters Olympics. This app is well suited for those who wish to view stunning photos of the 2012 Olympic athletes. This app brings users the best of Reuters photography and is available for iOS only.