It’s almost time to return to Storybrooke! “Once Upon a Time” is gearing up for its Season 5 premiere on Sunday, Sept. 27, and fans can get a taste of what’s to come with the newly released synopsis. So, what lies ahead for the ABC fairytale drama? Dark magic, of course!

According to the season description, the Storybrooke residents will be trying to “cope” with Emma’s (Jennifer Morrison) transition into “The Dark One.” But that doesn’t mean that they’re giving up on the savior. Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin), Prince Charming (Josh Dallas), Regina (Lana Parrilla) and Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) will do whatever it takes to get the old Emma back … and that means searching for the mysterious Merlin (Elliot Knight).

Where does one search for the legendary wizard? Pack your bags, because the gang is heading to Camelot for answers! The plot description adds that viewers will meet new fairytale characters along the way – including “Brave” princess Merida (Amy Manson).

While most of the plot details in the synopsis has already been revealed by the show’s creators, there is one line that will leave “Once Upon a Time” fans waiting on the edge of their seats for Sept. 27:

“Not everyone can be trusted but one thing remains true – you never give up on the people you love.”

When “Once Upon a Time” left off in the Season 4 finale, Henry (Jared S. Gilmore) was able to stop the Author (Patrick Fischler) from changing the ending of the fairytale characters, and became the new Author. But not everyone got the happy ending they were hoping for. When Rumplestiltskin’s (Robert Carlyle) heart started to turn black, the Storybrooke residents realized that they had to do something drastic in order to prevent the darkness from wreaking havoc on the town. The darkness went to attack Regina, but Emma stepped up to stop her friend from turning evil again. The darkness consumed Emma, leaving only the Dark One’s dagger in the middle of the street. But Rumplestiltskin’s name was no longer etched on the blade.

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