Pack your bags, “Once Upon a Time” fans! The hit ABC drama will be making its way from Storybrooke, Maine to the fairytale land of Camelot in episode 3 of Season 5.

The executive producers previously teased that they would be introducing the land of Camelot, but now viewers know when that will happen. Series co-creator Adam Horowitz dropped the clue on Twitter Thursday with the title of episode 3.

“Hey look, it’s another #OnceUponATime #titlespoiler!” he shared with his followers. ”Hope to see ya on 9/27 for Season 5!”

The photo Horowitz shared features the front page of the episode 3 script. The page says that Jane Espenson wrote the upcoming installment and that the third installment in Season 5 will be called “Siege Perilous.” But what does Siege Perilous” mean? It’s a term commonly associated with the legend of Lancelot.

According to the tale, the Siege Perilous was an empty seat at King Arthur’s Round Table. The seat could be filled … but only by somebody worthy of occupying it.

There are numerous different stories about King Arthur, and interestingly enough, some include an important name in the “Once Upon a Time” universe – Merlin. In certain stories, the legend says that Merlin was the one that saved the seat at the Round Table for the knight that could successfully find the Holy Grail.

The creators previously revealed that Season 5 would feature everyone’s favorite characters attempting to hunt down Merlin, the only person that can save Emma (Jennifer Morrison) from the Darkness. Although the characters don’t know where to find him, Horowitz revealed at San Diego Comic-Con in early July that the search will lead them to Camelot.

“Camelot is going to exist in a parallel timeline; it’s existed long ago, short ago, present ago and maybe in the future,” he teased (via Variety).

The Camelot storyline will also introduce new characters. While viewers already met Lancelot (Sinqua Walls) a couple of years ago, Season 5 will introduce Merlin (Elliot Knight), Guinevere (Joana Metrass), King Arthur (Liam Garrigan) and Percival (Andrew Jenkins).

“Once Upon a Time” Season 5 premieres on ABC on Sunday, Sept. 27 at 8 p.m. EDT.