Snow White and Prince Charming’s happily ever after is, once again, at stake. The Evil Queen is work to succeed in her plot in fulfilling her lifelong wish of stealing the royal’s heart, but will she succeed?

ABC’s photos (above) and synopsis for Season 6, episode 7, titled “Heartless,” reveal Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Charming (Josh Dallas) will equally be at the mercy of Regina’s devious alter ego, the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla), all thanks to her help from the Dark One (Robert Carlyle). 

“Snow and David must surrender their hearts if they want to save Storybooke and its inhabitants,” the network’s summary shares. The synopsis also teases the existence of a “magical sapling,” which was created by the first spark of true love. The sure sounds like the magical brew that could help Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) save her parents and the day.

Snow and Charming’s heroic journey in episode 7 will also include flashbacks from the couple’s early days in the Enchanted Forest. Snow will be shown trying to evade a Woodcutter as David plans to sell his family’s farm. Is it possible a tale from their past could save the couple in the present?

Elsewhere in the episode, Rumple’s estranged wife Belle (Emilie de Ravin) will find herself in the woods with Zelena (Rebecca Mader). “Regina uses Gold’s and the Evil Queen’s burgeoning romance against them,” reveals ABC’s alternative synopsis. Will Belle be made aware of her beloved’s smooch with the evil witch? The summary does state Zelena will offer the soon-to-be mother some “friendly advice,” so it’s entirely possible.

Catch the next installment of “Once Upon a Time” on Sunday, Nov. 6, at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC. Season 6 will continue on Nov. 13 with episode 8, “I’ll Be Your Mirror.”