One Direction already has young girls going crazy over their music, and now Directioners can walk around with 1D nail polish, lipstick and more.  

Band member Niall Horan made the surprise announcement Monday on Twitter, posting a picture of his hands complete with eyeliner, lipstick, eye shadow, and nail polish.


If their success in selling music is any indication, One Direction makeup is sure to sell out quickly. The band's first three albums debuted at number one. In 2013, their “Where We Are” tour reportedly sold out within minutes. One Direction tour tickets have even surpassed the number of tickets sold for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

"One Direction remains No. 1; they are a phenomenon. One Direction has had the No. 1 spot for the last couple of years now and we’re able to look at that at a global level," said Oliver Wheeler, head of communications for Viagogo, the world's largest online ticket marketplace for sports, entertainment and music. "They announced they were going on a 2015 tour six weeks ago, but since they’ve started touring a couple of years ago they’ve been in the top spot. So even the World Cup can't knock One Direction off the top."

Hopefully the makeup will not be as expensive as their tour tickets, or even a selfie. Fellow band member Louis Tomlinson is currently trying to raise money for his hometown football team, the Doncaster Rovers. To do so, the 22-year-old is asking for fans to donate to the team in exchange for time with him. And it is not cheap. A selfie with Tomlinson and the Rovers costs $425.36. If you want it professionally taken, that will cost you $850.67.