British-Irish pop boy band One Direction, known to their fans as 1D, emerged victorious from the 2012 Brit Awards. Their hit single, What Makes You Beautiful, beat out Adele's Someone Like You, and eight other nominated songs, thrilling the group's legions of teenage fans who turned to Twitter to express their excitement, causing the hashtag #proudof1D to trend worldwide.

The group was assembled on the British music competition show X-Factor, which was created by Simon Cowell after he left American Idol. What Makes You Beautiful is the first single of the debut album, Up All Night. One Direction will be touring through the U.S. with Biritsh group Big Time Rush in February and March 2012; the concerts are already sold out.

After they won, One Direction fans, who refer to themselves as Directioners, flooded Twitter with celebratory tweets.

X-Factor's official twitter acount, posted Directioners...RT if you're #ProudOf1D . Their post was retweeted 5100 times.

Here is a roundup of directioner tweets that express the full range of

Alicia_brisson: I still can believe they won, I feel like crying. Omg I'm so #ProudOf1D right now and I always will. x

Somerhalder_UK: One Direction win a brit and then announce a arena tour! WOW. #ProudOf1D

1D_vashappeninn: February 21, the day One Direction won their first Brit Award. This day has been marked down in history! #Proudof1D

Sacdiya_1D: YAY!! One Direction won!! It feels so good saying I was apart of it! #ProudOf1D #ProudDirectioner

1DmyAddiction: 2012 February 21, 8.30 pm, table 74. A dream fulfilled :') #ProudOf1D

LiliVagdojik: One direction CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE SO COOL!!!!!! Directioners are the BEST FANS!!! @Real_Liam_Payne #ProudOf1D

Chloeobrien1D: This day can not get any better. 2nd tour announced and the boys have lifted their first Brit award! #proudof1D

Jodieluvs1D: Today One Direction won the 1st of many Brit awards they deserve. I am unbelievably proud and cannot express my love for them :,) #proudof1D

We_Heart_1D: Adele won 6 Grammys, and she still lost to One Direction #ProudOf1D

1directioners: #proudof1D proud isn't even the word, omg

1D_fans_4life: They've come so far. It feels just like yesterday they were on X-Factor :') #ProudOf1D

ic0nick1drauhl : when they air One Direction winning the brit on MuchMusic, my mom & dad are gonna think I'm insane for all the screaming imma do. #proudof1D

directionary: One Direction doesn't care about us... Oh yeah the first thing they said when they were on stage was This is for our fans #ProudOf1D