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CANBERRA: ONGC on Tuesday awarded the contract to build 200 kms of fixed and flexible pipelines in it s Mumbai High oil field to Australia s Leighton Holdings Ltd.

ONGC, Asia's largest oil and gas producer, awarded the contract to Leighton International, a subsidiary of the Sydney headquartered builder for an amount of $US720 million.

The project will start in November. The work will take place over the next three years between November and May when the weather is suitable, Leighton said in a statement today.

ONGC holds the largest share of oil and gas fields in India and contributes more than 78 per cent of the nation's production in those commodities.

The project increased Leighton International's work in hand to $US3.2 billion, the statement said.

He said he expected the amount of work in hand to increase in the next few months as prospects in the Persian Gulf were converted to projects.