Oprah Winfrey's representatives denied allegation that OJ Simpson told her producers he killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman.

The story was among the most popular on Google News today after The Daily Mail picked up the infromation from The National Inquirer.

OJ Simpson allegedly confessed to Oprah's staff that he killed his wife Nicole Brown.

The former athlete and television star was expected to tape an interview with the daytime talk show icon.

According to the rumor published by the two papers, OJ claimed to have killed Nicole Brown in self-defense, saying that she had threatened to stab him before the killing.

Brown suffered a total of seven lethal stab wounds when she was killed in 1994. Despite a wealth of evidence in a case leading into 1995, OJ was not found guilty.

Oprah told US media after her recent retirement that she had regretted never getting OJ to confess to the murder.

Looks like Oprah's gonna have to wait on that one some more.