Oprah Winfrey's long-time dream of returning to acting is about to come true, nowhere else but on Broadway.  

In an interview last week, Oprah told The Chicago Tribune, I have a stack of plays in my bag right now that I am reading, without hiding her determination of acting on Broadway, and doing so quickly. Just this past weekend, I was in New York meeting with producers. We were just talking about what would be the best route to take. She added, this is really going to happen. 

While Oprah's conversations with several Broadway producers and directors continues, she has not chosen who she will work with, of what project she is up to. However, her acting experiences will pace it up once she is on the track. Oprah has won an Oscar in 1985's The Color Purple, and has acted in movies for nearly 30 years. 

On May 11, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley has just granted honored Oprah by naming a street in front of Harpo Studios in Chicago Oprah Winfrey Way, which Oprah joked as better than an Oscar or an Emmy.

While Oprah winds down her long-running talk show, her debut on Broadway is on the express track.