When will “Orange Is The New Black” return to Netflix? We’re all trying to figure out the premiere date. According to reports, it looks like Google may have heard our desperate plea, because an unofficial release date was leaked online.

So, when should we expect Piper, Crazy Eyes and the rest of the gang to make their Netflix debut once again? Well, the unconfirmed release date, first reported by WIBX 950, says we should be seeing our beloved orange jumpsuit sporting ladies on April 25.

“While this is completely unofficial and not being confirmed by those in the know, featured Google results are reporting April 25th as the Season 2 premiere,” the station reported.

Netflix has yet to deny or confirm the rumored April 25 return of the Jenji Kohan-created show. But we have an inclination that whoever leaked the premiere date might be onto something.

Season 2 of the “OITNB” finished filming in January, which means it would make sense for the Netflix series to debut in the spring. And while the cast has remained quiet regarding when the beloved show would return, we do know one thing for sure: an official release date has been set.

Danielle Brooks, who plays Taystee on “OITNB,” had revealed on Twitter that the season 2 premiere had been officially set. “Borrowed a few thing from #MrHealy today to handle some business. Got to find out when Season 2 is…,” she wrote along with a photo of some props.

But unlike the chatty cast member, other actors have refrained from releasing any spoilers. Matt McGorry, who portrays John Bennett, has made sure to refrain from leaking anything that could give season 2 away.

“Suiting up as John Bennett for my last scene of#oitnb season 2,” McGorry wrote on Instagram. #ImAWeirdo FYI again—this is NOT a spoiler and indicates nothing about plot or when the show will be released (which no one knows the answer to).”

That is, until now anyway!

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