What’s orange, black and totally Pornstache-less? Season 3 of the hit Netflix series “Orange is the New Black.” According to Vulture, Pablo Schreiber, who plays the creepy and “mustachioed” former prison guard of Litchfield, will scarcely be seen in the third season of Jenji Kohan’s critically acclaimed drama.

This is a dagger into the hearts of the fans who were already disappointed with how little George Mendez appeared in the sophomore season of “OITNB.” To those fans, news that Schreiber’s role as Daya’s fake baby daddy will be cut even further from the series is cruel and unusual punishment.

Warning: Season 2 spoilers lurk below.

Mendez was introduced rather late in Season 2 when he was rehired by Natalie Figueroa, the executive assistant to the warden. Shortly afterward, he was booted right out -- in handcuffs -- when the Litchfield administration learned that he had impregnated Daya thanks to John Bennett, who, ironically, was the one responsible for the pregnancy.

The actor dished why Pornstache's one liners would be a rarity in the third Season.

"I'm a series regular now on a show called 'The Brink' on HBO,” he said of his new TV endeavor. “But his mother is making an appearance on Season 3. Mary Steenburgen has been cast as my mom. I'm not sure what she'll do that will advance the Pornstache plotline, but for now, Mendez is in prison, biding his time. Spoiler alert!"

On June 12, Steenburgen confirmed her role on “OITNB” when she tweeted about how excited she was to rejoin the cast. “Very excited to go to my first wardrobe fitting of OITNB! Will I be in orange or black?” she teased.

Guess we’ll have to wait until Season 3 streams on Netflix!

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