It’s the episode that “Vampire Diaries” fans have been waiting for since learning of “The Originals” spinoff -- a Mystic Falls crossover! While viewers have been rooting for a Klaroline romance (Klaus and Caroline), they’re going to have to settle for a nasty Klaus vs. Tyler brawl.

In episode 5 of “The Vampire Diaries,” Tyler Lockwood broke up with Caroline Forbes so he could hunt down Klaus Mikaelson and seek revenge for him killing his mother, Carol. Well, Tyler will finally meet up with Klaus in the Tues, Nov. 12 episode of “The Originals.”

According to a leaked plot synopsis for the spinoff series, episode 7, “Bloodletting,” will find Hayley getting a blast from her past … and unfortunately the reunion won’t be on great terms. Gone missing, Hayley will begin to fear for her baby and herself.

The good news is that Hayley has the Mikaelson family on her side. Klaus and Elijah will turn to witch Sabine for help in locating Hayley, which will result in a trip to the bayou … where Klaus will have a “surprising and dangerous encounter with an unexpected visitor.”

While the brothers worry about Hayley, Marcel will continue his conniving ways, making Rebekah an offer that leaves her torn. And Davina will make a “surprising connection.”

For those unfamiliar with Hayley and Tyler’s relationship, the pair were good friends in season 4 of “The Vampire Diaries,” with Hayley going so far as to help Tyler break his sire bond to Klaus. However, Hayley had ulterior motives, coming to Mystic Falls to help slaughter a dozen werewolves in exchange for information about her birth parents. She ended up getting a tip that sent her to New Orleans … where she was kidnapped by a group of witches and then discovered that she was pregnant with Klaus’ werewolf/hybrid baby.

But don’t expect a former friendship or baby on the way to stop Tyler from seeking revenge against Klaus. According to Tyler’s Michael Trevino, his character is coming to New Orleans “as a villain.”

“He’s coming with a little bit of information and background on Hayley, something we don’t know about her yet,” Trevino revealed to TV Guide about Tyler’s surprise attack. “It’s going to affect a lot of people.”

And his reunion with Hayley definitely won’t be pretty -- especially since Hayley played a part in Klaus killing Tyler’s mother. But does he have what it takes to kill Hayley and her baby? “Absolutely,” says Trevino.

“I just want to say that everything will be explained, and I think Tyler will be good once he shows up to ‘The Originals,’” the actor told Entertainment Weekly. “I think everybody will be happy with Tyler’s reasoning when they see what he’s been up to and what he has planned.”

“Vampire Diaries” fans can catch Tyler’s crossover to “The Originals” on Tuesday, Nov. 12, at 8 p.m.

Will you tune in? Are you Team Tyler or Team Klaus? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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