Klaus has been wreaking havoc for years, killing countless people without a second thought. But what Klaus didn’t count on is someone standing up to him … someone who has nothing left to lose.

Since Klaus and his Original vampire family got a spinoff series from “The Vampire Diaries,” fans have been waiting for an epic crossover.  And they got that in episode 7 of “The Originals” when a little piece of Mystic Falls came to New Orleans – Tyler Lockwood!

MIA Hayley

At the end of episode 6 Hayley went missing, leading Klaus and Elijah to believe that Marcel got hold of her. But it wasn’t Marcel that took the pregnant wolf – it was Tyler.

Needless to say, Hayley was none too pleased to discover that Tyler didn’t have good intentions when kidnapping her. “You backstabbing half breed piece of s**t,” she yelled at her former friend. But Hayley’s words mean nothing to Tyler because he’s on a mission to prove an interesting theory.

Hayley’s Family

Since first appearing on “The Vampire Diaries” in season 4, Hayley has been searching for answers about her family. That search resulted in her journey to New Orleans, but between all the witch and vampire drama Hayley hasn’t had the time to dig up any new information. Fortunately for her, Tyler has some answers.

Taking her to a wooded area with run-down cabins and tents, Tyler reveals that the crescent mark on her back is a mark that members of her “big shot” family have. It turns out that she’s part of werewolf royalty in the area but all that remains of their empire is the run-down area.

Klaus’ Discovery

While Klaus initially blamed Marcel for Hayley’s disappearance, a little sniffing around lead him to Tyler’s car. “He wants revenge,” Klaus explains to Elijah. But why does his first hybrid want to hurt him? Beside hitting on his girl (Caroline), Klaus also massacred all the other hybrids he created … and killed Tyler’s mom.

Tyler’s Theory

“Klaus destroyed everything good in my life,” Tyler tells Hayley. “So I’m going to take away the thing he wants most.”

Using a needle, Tyler forcefully took blood from Hayley and injected it into a werewolf (presumably a relative of Hayley’s) named Dwayne. Without a second thought, Tyler snapped Dwayne’s neck, explaining to Hayley that Dwayne volunteered to be the “test case.” But the test case for what?

Tyler believes that Klaus has ulterior motives for wanting Hayley around. It’s not that Klaus is excited to be a father, it’s that he wants to use the baby – more specifically its blood – to create hybrids to take over New Orleans. Tyler’s testing out his theory that the baby can create hybrids (and end the vampire race) on Dwayne … and it works because Dwayne wakes up “better than okay.”

Besides being scared that Tyler will hurt her and the baby, Hayley now fears that Klaus wants to use it to create monsters. “Help me run,” she begs Tyler. “Help me hide the baby from him.”

But for Tyler that’s not an option. Going toward her with a knife, he’s stopped by Dwayne … who oddly has some sort of weird allegiance to Hayley.

Fighting off Dwayne, Tyler rips his heart out. But the distraction leaves Hayley with just enough time to run.

Tyler vs. Klaus Showdown – Including the Caroline Wound

“Give up now,” Tyler yells as he searches for Hayley. “I’ll end it quick.” But instead of finding Hayley he finds Klaus … and Klaus promises not to extend the same offer of a quick death to him.

The pair exchange some harsh words, and open up some old wounds … like poor Caroline.

“What do you think Caroline would say of what you turned into?” Klaus asks. He continues the teasing by saying he’ll ask Caroline … when he calls to tell her of Tyler’s death.

“Caroline is never going to stop hating you,” Tyler bellows back. But Klaus doesn’t care. Instead he responds by bringing up Tyler’s deceased mom.

“I’m just glad your mother didn’t live to see you like this,” he says.

With the fight getting physical, Tyler manages to do some damage to Klaus, but Klaus has the upper hand. When he reaches into Tyler’s chest to rip his heart out, Tyler begs for Klaus to end it.

“Do it. You’re never going to break me,” he says without fear. “Only thing you can do is kill me. Go on. Get it over with.” Klaus doesn’t kill Tyler, though. Instead he tells Tyler “death offers more peace than you deserve.” 

Hayley’s Knight In Shining Armor

Elijah manages to find Hayley in the woods and tries to take her back to the house. But Hayley warns him that there’s something that he needs to know about the baby. Explaining how the blood was able to turn Dwayne into a hybrid, she expresses her fear that Klaus wants to create an army with her baby. “Klaus has to know,” she says. But there is one weird thing that she wasn’t expecting from Tyler’s experiment. It was “more like he was sired to me, not Klaus.”


Episode 7 of “The Originals” concluded with Elijah and Hayley accusing Klaus of wanting to use the baby to create an army. But Klaus seems shocked by the news of the baby. Angry that they assumed the worst, he bites his brother and abandons them at the werewolf camp.

Hayley uses her time at the camp to search for more information about her heritage and finds a book sitting on the front porch of the cabin. The book is a Bible with Hayley’s family tree that goes back generations. The final name in the book is a girl named Andrea – and Hayley believes that she may be Andrea based on the birth date documented.

Meanwhile, Tyler is not leaving New Orleans after his pardon from Klaus. Instead he meets with Marcel and informs him that Hayley is pregnant with Klaus’ baby.

“If that baby is born it’ll mean the end of the vampire species,” he warns Marcel.

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