The drama on “The Vampire Diaries” won’t stop! Actress Nina Dobrev is pulling triple duty on the CW series as Elena Gilbert, Katherine Petrova, and Amara, the original Petrova. And according to some new spoilers, Dobrev won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

The latest scoop on “The Vampire Diaries” will make Katherine fans extremely happy. According to E! Online, the recently-turned-human Petrova doppelganger is … in LOVE! It’s good news for her (especially since episode 6 revealed she’s suffering from some pretty serious health issues), but the object of her desire might cause some problems.

So, who is Katherine in love with? Nina Dobrev gave E! Online the following teaser:

“Of course, there is that lingering love for one of the [Salvatore] brothers that we learn more about as episodes progress. But she does love one of the brothers … and we see that unfold.”

Based on past episodes, the obvious answer to which Salvatore brother Dobrev is talking about is Stefan. “Vampire Diaries” fans will remember that Katherine had a fling with both Damon and Stefan in 1864. It was because of Katherine that they were both turned into vampires while she supposedly went up in flames at Fell’s church. It was later revealed that she had survived the fire, and had never really loved Damon. Instead when she resurfaced she told the brothers that she had always loved Stefan.

Unfortunately for Katherine, it was Damon, not Stefan, who searched for her after the 1864 vampire burning. And to make matters worse, Stefan fell in love with Katherine’s doppelganger, Elena.

But a lot has changed since Katherine weaseled her way back into the lives of the Salvatore brothers. While she still has a serious attitude problem and a history of putting herself first, she is no longer a vampire – and Stefan is no longer with Elena.

It seems highly unlikely that Stefan would fall for Katherine again, but it’s important to keep two things in mind: The Silas/ Amara doppelganger destiny, and that Stefan’s had a ROUGH summer. After being dumped by Elena for Damon, the youngest Salvatore spent the whole summer in pain -- locked in safe and drowning over and over again. Although he’s never been one to be spiteful, it’s possible that Stefan will take his hurt feelings and pain out on Damon and Elena by shacking up with Katherine.

But what if Nina Dobrev isn’t talking about Stefan? It’s definitely possible that Katherine could have a change of heart … just as Elena did with Stefan and Damon when she turned into a vampire.

As we previously reported, Damon and Elena (Delena) will find themselves encountering some “terrible romantic hurdles” in the future. And with Elena off at Whitmore College, it would be pretty easy for Katherine to swoop in and steal her man (if she can forgive Damon for force feeding her to Silas).

Another thing to consider? The Silas/Amara doppelganger destiny might be over. A new fan theory suggests that Amara’s betrayal to Silas in episode 6 may have severed the magic that tied their doppelgangers together over the years – similar to Damon breaking Elena’s sire bond. With no “true love” trying to reunite Amara and Silas through their doppelgangers, it might completely change how Katherine feels about Stefan.

Who do you think Katherine is in love with? Maybe “Defan,” the “long lost Salvatore brother played by Bradley Cooper?” Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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