One wicked witch down, one more to go! According to the synopsis for episode 18 of “The Originals,” Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) will be coming face to face with another evil enchantress who is hell-bent on taking their little girl Hope from them. (Seriously, can’t these two catch a break?)

That’s right, Aunt Dahlia (Claudia Black) will be making her debut on the hit CW series in the forthcoming installment, which means viewers should prepare themselves for more Mikaelson family drama.

“My demented, baby-snatching aunt is out there somewhere,” Klaus acknowledges of his aunt’s New Orleans arrival in the promo video for “Night Has A Thousand Eyes.” Fans of the supernatural series learned why Dahlia had her sights set on little Hope after it was revealed that Esther (Sonja Sohn) had made a fertility deal with her power-hungry sister. The spell would allow Esther to have children -- but for a price, one that would cost the life of every Mikaelson child born to a new generation. This is why Freya (Riley Voelkel) was taken prisoner by her aunt many moons ago and why Dahlia is now after baby Hope.

But can the Mikaelson siblings work together to kill Dahlia and save Hope's life? That’s what the final four episodes of Season 2 of “The Originals” will explore. “Desperate to find a way to vanquish Dahlia,” Klaus will reportedly seek help from the most menacing person he knows: Mikael (Sebastian Roché), the synopsis reveals.

But we have a feeling Mikael won’t be so generous in lending his hybrid son a hand -- especially because, well, he hates Klaus. We wonder how Hope’s dad will up the ante to persuade Mikael to help put an end to Dahlia.

“Meanwhile, as Hayley and Rebekah (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) work with Freya to track Dahlia’s whereabouts, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) prepare a safe house in Algiers with the help of Josephine (Meg Foster),” the synopsis for episode 18 teases.

In last week's installment of “The Originals,” Josephine, who recently became indebted to Freya after she helped put an end to Eva Sinclair, warned Hayley that a darkness was coming -- a darkness “that should terrify” her. Little did Josephine know that her newfound alliance with Freya would lead her right into the storm she envisioned.

The summary for episode 18 also reveals that Jackson (Nathan Parson) will propose an idea to Hayley, which will help protect Hope, that “leaves her feeling conflicted.” Could Jackson be asking Hayley to flee New Orleans with him?

Sound off in the comments section below with your theories for episode 18 of “The Originals,” which is set to air Monday, April 13, at 8 p.m. EDT on the CW.