“Pretty Little Liars” fans know that you don’t want to get on A’s bad side but someone didn’t warn the new CW series “The Originals.” The spinoff of “The Vampire Diaries” is in its freshman season and on Tuesday, Jan. 14, began a time slot war with the hit ABC Family drama … and it was as sassy as you’d hope a CW vs. ABC Family fight would be.

“The Originals” took the first jab by releasing a television promo on ABC Family during “Pretty Little Liars” to encourage its viewers to switch channels to the CW. Entertainment Weekly obtained the exclusive video, which boasted the following message:

“Is A making you Angry? Agitated? Maybe the Answer is on Another channel. Head over to the CW right now and see what everyone is tweeting about. It’s time to ditch the old A for something that’s absolutely badass.”

“Pretty Little Liars” fired back immediately using social media. The Facebook and Twitter accounts for the ABC Family series released a photo with A’s signature red scrawl that read: “Bite Me. –A.” The photo featured two hashtags to get fans involved -- #LiarsUnite and #UnOriginal.

So what did the fans think? Check out who is on Team Originals and Team PLL: