A set of graphic photos that purportedly show troubled former boxer Oscar De La Hoya at the height of a cocaine binge are being shopped to the highest bidder.

The De La Hoya cocaine photos were allegedly taken at a raucous party in a Las Vegas hotel room, TMZ reports. The images reportedly depict the “Golden Boy” at the peak of his addiction, and could explain De La Hoya’s decision to enter rehab earlier this month.

Sources reportedly told TMZ that the photos of De La Hoya doing drugs were taken mere weeks before the 40-year-old entered rehab. In the pictures, De La Hoya appears to use a “rolled up bill” to snort lines of a white substance off of a plate. The seller of the photos reportedly confirmed to TMZ that the white substance is cocaine. Another image allegedly depicts De La Hoya leaning away from the same table “with a grimace on his face.”

TMZ claims to have seen the De La Hoya cocaine photos, which are apparently being shopped to multiple “media outlets.” Sources allegedly told the website that De La Hoya was “off the hinges” at the Las Vegas hotel party, and that the boxer made the decision to enter rehab after realizing that his addiction to cocaine had become extreme.

De La Hoya announced that he would enter rehab on Sept. 10, two years after an initial stint during which he received treatment for cocaine and alcohol addiction, TMZ reported. The announcement came as a surprise to many, as De La Hoya’s boxing promotion company, Golden Boy Promotions, was responsible for putting on Sept. 14’s match between Floyd Mayweather and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Moreover, Alvarez fights for Golden Boy Promotions, and is considered to be something of a protégé to De La Hoya.

TMZ asserts that the photos of De La Hoya snorting cocaine forced the former boxer into rehab just days before the fight. The website also notes that De La Hoya is “aware” of the photos, but has yet to comment on the situation.