This weekend the Beach Party Stage at the Bamboozle Festival held some killer acts, and one of them you didn't want to miss was newcomer Outasight's 8 P.M. set.

Hailing from Yonkers, New York, the singer and rapper has been making waves with his hit song Tonight Is The Night and the recently released Now or Never.

Taking the stage the evening of Sunday, May 20, Outasight performed those two hit songs to a crowd that knew every word. Although the set was cut short, Twas beyond my control, he tweeted, he still put on a stellar performance that is definitely building even more hype for his highly anticipated debut album.

I had a chance to sit down with Richard Andrew, the man behind Outasight, and talk about his recent success and new music.

People can call me Rich, he tells me after my uncertainty on what to call him. I don't think my mom would call me Outasight, he laughs.

Growing up around Yonkers myself, I was curious how the area had impacted his music.

I think growing up in Yonkers kind of gave me a certain confidence early because Yonkers is a small city and it's not like there is a million people out there rapping and singing, Outasight says, thinking back. The singer and rapper says that the center of attention feeling that he got from growing up in Yonkers helped him when he first began to perform in New York City as an early teenager. I had an early 'look at me' syndrome, he jokes.

The conversation turns to his 2012 performances on Jimmy Fallon and the NHL All-Star Game. What a mind trip, he says thinking about his performances. I don't even think about that stuff, but that really did happen.

A true jokester, I asked Outasight what his feelings were on having those huge opportunities. What were my feelings? he laughs. I don't know. Happiness. We all have so many feelings, Outasight jokes as if we were getting into a spiritual conversation about how one feels. I was stoked. Did I have any idea that any of this was going to happen? No, but it is remarkable. I am extremely grateful. I look back on these memories very fondly, and I just hope I'm able to continue to make them.

 It's amazing, he says about hearing his songs played on radio stations like Z100. I'm from New York, that was always the station I listened to. To finally hear my music on Z100 was kind of cool. I knew that we were going in the right direction.

From giving a serious answer about his success, Outasight went right back to joking when I asked what was next for him.

I'm gonna go to catering, he says with a serious look. Have some food or maybe have a glass of wine. I haven't eaten all day.

Seeing the surprised look on my face he gives me the answer I was really looking for. Realistically, what's next...I just put out my new single, Now Or Never, and it's doing really well. So I'm excited to see where that goes. The singer and rapper explained that with the success of his new single, its finally the right time to put out his debut album. It's been something long in the works.

For fans looking to check out Outasight in person, they are in luck, because he is touring, touring, touring, even with the impending apocalypse coming December 21, 2012. When asked if he thinks the Mayan calendar was right, he answered No way.

Where are the Mayans right now? What are they doing? he laughs. But if the apocalypse does come, he doesn't think it will be at the hands of aliens, robots or zombies. Definitely Mother Nature, considering how poorly we treat our world. Looking at a camera that had been following his Bamboozle experience, he says sternly, Conserve energy! Recycle! Unplug your cell phone charger! Do the small stuff....walk somewhere! Ride a bike!

I don't get preachy, he jokes, But check out my new album called 'The Environment....I'm kidding.' He had to just get one more joke in before the interview ended, but he did say that fans can expect his new album (not called The Environment) to come out this fall.

Based on his humble (and ridiculously funny) attitude, killer singles and pumped up performance at Bamboozle this past weekend, I have no doubt that Outasight will be seeing a lot more success in his future. If the music thing for some crazy reason doesn't work out, then I fully believe Outasight has the potential to make it as a comedian.

Listen to his latest single,Now Or Never below.