MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan has started his own movement for a fairer and more democratic political process, Get Money Out, inspired by Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street frustrations, after delivering an inflamed monologue on MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Show.

Ratigan believes the role of money in politics is problematic. Politicians are frequently limited and beholden to their donors, be they corporate or political parties, in promoting legislation about health care, financial reforms and taxation. Ratigan's goal is to end the rigging of America by narrowing or eliminating money's influence on American politics.

As long as we have an auction system for our government, where 94 percent of the time, the candidate that raises the most money wins, we just have a policy auction that is not, by definition, a democracy. By definition, it is a corrupted system with misaligned interests that prevents us from doing anything else that we want to do, Ratigan said on Benzinga Radio.

Ratigan and his supporters advocate a constitutional amendment to limit the amount of money in political elections. His growing number of supporters sign their names on his petition at

The petitions started at 30,000 (signatures) and quickly jumped another 30,000, Ratigan said.

Since Sept. 27, Ratigan has racked up over 190,000 signatures.

Is Ratigan's Get Money Out of Politics a plausible answer to OWS' woes? Who would politicians be accountable to without monetary donations? Could the American democracy work without money?

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