Sean “P Diddy” Combs has distanced himself from the controversy surrounding a breast cancer benefit show he hosted in October in New York. The beneficiaries are claiming they are yet to receive any money raised during the event.

A special Pink Party at Club Glo was hosted by P Diddy to benefit local causes including the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group Foundation and 1in 9; Breast Cancer Action Coalition .

There was a $1000 entry fee to party with the star and a $10 fee to get inside the bash. P Diddy himself was reportedly paid $80,0000 for his presence, reports

The various breast cancer charities named as the recipients claim they have yet to receive any funds. Carolyn Spector , a director with one of the charities told New York Post that nothing was written down but they were promised a part of the proceeds. Another added that it was embarrassing to tell people that we were not aware of how much was raised for the event.

P Diddy , on his part, says that the controversy does not concern him as he simply agreed to lend his name to the event and was not aware of what was the agreement between the charities and the club owner. “I didn’t know what the club owner promised that had nothing to do with me,” he clarified.

It seems a little strange in an era where celebrities hire agents to manage their philanthropic endeavors .There are many agents who pair celebrities with causes and help transform their reckless images into that of responsible citizens.

Hiring advisers is a trend among wealthy donors who see themselves in the serious role of beneficiaries to lost causes and in turn transforming themselves into global ambassadors like Bono and Angelina Jolie. Jon Legend, Rachael Ray, Yao Ming, Ben Stiller, Demi Moore, and Ashton Kutcher, Nicole Richie and pop singer Avril Lavigne have paid experts to direct their goodwill.

It is believed that Barbara Streisand was the one who started this trend. She has had a political and charity adviser onboard for the last 24 years.