ISLAMABAD (Commodity Online) : Pakistan's raw cotton exports surged during July-March 2010 and also fetched the highest-ever price in the international market due to quality, according to Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP).

In a report, TDAP said the country exported around 899,290 cotton bales till March 31, 2010 to India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam and Central Asia.

Pakistan exported only 62,030 bales during the same period last year.

Pakistan's lint fetched more than $1,595 per tonnes in the international market due to its fine quality, strength, uniformity, maturity and fineness, the report added.

Pakistan export price closes at 87.32 cents per pound, leading China at 99.32 cents per pound followed by New York Cotton at 82.25 cents per pound and India with closing at 85 cents per pound in international market.

Cotton would continue to play a dynamic role in the economy of Pakistan in the years to come, it said.

Pakistan has a potential to increase cotton production to over 20.0 million bales and to increase exports of cotton and cotton-based products to fetch over $15.0 billion annually, TDAP report said.