In one of the most shocking cases of honor killing in recent memory, a man in Pakistan murdered six of his daughters after he suspected that two of them were having sexual relations with older boys in their neighborhood.

Arif Mubashir, 40, shot all six teenaged girls after his son informed him that two of them were dating boys who attended college in Faisalabad, in the province of Punjab.

The two girls he suspected of carrying affairs were named Sameena, aged 14, and Razia, aged 16.

Mubashir admitted to the killings, explaining to the police that his daughters were “without honour.”

He said he also killed the other four girls because they had “sided with each other.”

"I should have been told immediately but the girls sided with each other. They were both corrupt," Mubashir told Tandlianwala Police Inspector Javed Sial.

Reportedly, Mubashir’s wife, Musarrat, who witnessed the murders, had called the police.

Mubashir is under police custody.

 "He does not regret what he did. He boasted that he would do it all over again if he had to," Inspector Sial was quoted as saying.

According to the United Nations Population Fund, at least 5,000 people (mostly women) are murdered every year in Pakistan in so-called ‘honor killings.’

The actual figure may be much higher since many such murders are disguised as forms of suicide or accidental homicides.