The Palestinian Authority plans to build two airports in the West Bank, a seaport on the coast of the Mediterranean, and a major railway line, according to a report on Monday from the Palestinian Ma’an news agency.

A deal has already been reached between the Palestinian Authority and Egypt to utilize Egypt’s aviation expertise, said Nabil Dmeidi, the Palestine transport minister.

One airport will be located to the east of Jericho, and the other, a smaller field, will be built on land known only as Area C, which is currently under Israeli security and administrative control.

A railway line between Gaza and Cairo is also being planned, along with a seaport on the Gaza Strip, said Dmeidi, who is also the chairman of Palestinian Airlines.

Palestinian Airlines flew tens of thousands of passengers a year in the late 1990s from Gaza International Airport to Middle Eastern destinations. However, in 2001 Gaza International was bombed by Israel during the so-called Second Intifada and ceased operations immediately. Similarly, in 2005 Palestinian Airlines ceased operations amid increased fighting in the region but resumed service seven years later, based out of el-Arish, Egypt.

It is yet to be seen how Israel will react to the plans, especially given one is planned on disputed land.