“Parenthood” may have wrapped up with a relatively happy ending in January, but the show might not be over yet. Despite a six-season run, executive producer Jason Katims says he is willing to bring everyone back for one final season.

At “For Your Consideration,” an event honoring the series on Thursday, Katims said he wasn’t up for a film sequel. "I really don't think of it as a movie. Because of the nature of the show, it never seemed like it would work in that way," he explained, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

But with Hollywood’s trend of reviving canceled TV shows, "Parenthood" certainly could return to television for a seventh season. “I could see coming back and doing a limited, like an eight-episode arc or something like that,” Katims said. “It would be driven by: Is there another story to tell? And start with that and then from there to see … whether there was any possible way of getting everyone together at some point in the future to do it."

Katims wrapped up the Braverman saga earlier this year, and he didn’t leave many loose strings. Everyone was happily married to their significant others with children. Sarah (Lauren Graham) finally settled down, Julia (Erika Christensen) got back together with Joel (Sam Jaeger) and Crosby (Dax Shepard) and Adam (Peter Krause) managed to sort out their business partnership. Even Amber (Mae Whitman), who started out on "Parenthood" as a teenager, had a baby and got married.

The "Parenthood" series finale didn’t really leave fans with any lingering questions, so should it come back? Are you satisfied with that ending being the last time you see the Braverman family? Or are you ready for some more drama? Take the poll:

Even if a limited series is ordered, the cast will have to agree to return. The only actor who definitely can’t return for a sequel series is Craig T. Nelson, who played Zeek. He was killed off in the finale, but Nelson is also busy with a different revival series, Variety reports. He is reprising his role as Coach Hayden Fox from the NBC comedy “Coach,” which aired from 1989 to 1997.