U.S. television personality, model, actress and singer Paris Hilton is planning to sue the people, who played a prank on her by making her believe that her plane was on crash mode. An Egyptian TV show, "Ramez in Control," arranged the prank and convinced the pilot to make a nosedive onto the ground to scare her.

Hilton said, according to TMZ, that she was in mortal fear for her life as the video shows her screaming and crying during the turbulence. Sources also told TMZ that Hilton is “totally freaked out” about flying anywhere after the prank. Hilton has already called her lawyers to find those responsible for the prank. The lawyers have reportedly told her that she has a strong case of emotional distress.

Hilton believed that the plane was going to crash and said that it was a lot worse than it looked in the video, TMZ reported. Hilton said the plane almost hit the water during the dive and pulled up in a form of a loop. She reportedly doesn’t believe that anyone from her troop was involved in arranging the prank.

The prank's video also shows a flight attendant grabbing a man by his ankles and throwing him off the plane through the back door. The pilot then regains control of the plane while the television host, seated next to Hilton, is seen telling her that she would have to swim, to which she refuses. The last thing seen is that the host is holding Hilton’s head down between her knees as the plane lands on a tiny strip, according to the Hollywood Life.

The prank has, however, not drawn too many supporters.

Here is the entire clip of the prank.