The collegiate expression of gratitude and awe peppered an enthusiastic stump speech delivered by Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry in New Hampshire. The fallout may be anything but awesome, as an edited video of the remarks has gone viral, and left some openly questioning the Texas governor's sobriety.

In the eight minute, 30 second clip, an unusually flamboyant Perry gesticulates and jokes while stumping before conservative activist group Cornerstone Action, in Manchester, N.H., on Friday.

This is such a cool state. I mean c'mon, 'Live free or die?' You know, you gotta love that, right? Perry said, alluding to New Hampshire's state motto. I come from a state where you know they had this little place called the Alamo and they declared 'Victory or death.' You know, we're kind of into those slogans, man. It's like, 'Live free or die;' 'Victory or death.' Bring it!

The speech has some wondering if Perry, who had experimental back surgery in July, may be suffering the side effects of pain medication.

At the National Journal's 2012 Election Preview, Republican consultant Charlie Black called Perry's behavior odd.

I haven't asked anybody in Governor Perry's campaign about it. Look, he's got a back problem, maybe it was back medicine... he said.

One Republican operative told Business Insider the video is tantamount to former Democratic Presidential candidate Howard Dean's infamous 2004 scream, which derailed his campaign.

Perry spokesman Mark Miner told the Huffington Post, The Governor is passionate about the issues he talks about.

At times nailing jokes with surprisingly deft comedic timing, but at other times veering off into tangents, Perry discusses his Cut, balance and grow platform, pushes his flat tax, and takes a jab at opponent Herman Cain.

Perry careens into deep pathos during some moments, especially when discussing energy policy, closing his eyes and looking up as he asks, Why? Why do we allow ourselves to be held hostage by countries who hate us, when we have all these energy resources?

A video of the full speech has also popped up on YouTube, with very little to show for any possible claims of selective editing. Perry runs the gamut from flippant to deeply emotion to court jester during the entire speech, pointing, gesticulating, and laughing the whole time.

The scene ends with Perry dutifully inspecting a bottle of maple syrup given as a gift, wide eyed and appreciative. Flipping it sideways, checking the label, he expresses his gratitude by saying, Awesome!

You can check out the abridged version of the speech below.