“Homeland” may have just won the Golden Globe for best drama on television, but you could be forgiven for missing that during the broadcast of the Golden Globe Awards show on Sunday night, as Paul Rudd and Salma Hayek had an incredibly awkward moment as the teleprompter broke down and they were left with nothing to say onstage.

Word on Twitter is that the presenters' teleprompter inexplicably stopped working as they were about to present the award to “Homeland.” The result? A full 30 seconds of Rudd and Hayek awkwardly mugging at the camera and cracking some pretty terrible improvised jokes.

“Hello,” Rudd said, attempting to save face, “How’s everybody going? Good? All right, great.”

“OK, something about the best, uh ...” Hayek said, trying to save the introduction.

Shortly after Rudd and Hayek shared their awkward moment, a video of the nominees began playing before the two could do any more damage with improvised lines. Then, once the nominees were announced -- Boardwalk Empire, “Breaking Bad,” “Downton Abbey,” and “The Newsroom” were the others -- Rudd regained his composure and declared “Homeland” the winner.

There appeared to be some debate online over whether Rudd’s flub in particular was adorable or the worst thing in the history of award shows.

Twitter users quickly took to the microblogging platform to comment on Rudd’s awkward moment. It seemed a lot of them were big fans of Rudd’s attempt to save face.

“Anyone else thinking Paul Rudd would make quite the charming host for the 2014 #GoldenGlobes? Just sayin'!” @eonline opined.

“I would watch a whole mini-series of Salma Hayek & Paul Rudd awkwardly staring into the camera. #goldenglobes,” @kumailn said.

Twitter being Twitter, not everybody was on the same page about Rudd’s improvisation.

“Paul Rudd could have been a hero and ad-libbed during that broadcast f-up, but he wasn't. He was Paul Rudd,” @wanderinghat

And, perhaps most succinctly, @summeranne, aka Summer Anne Burton of BuzzFeed, simply wrote, “oh no.”

You can watch Rudd's and Hayek’s awkward moment for yourself at BuzzFeed, which, for the record, thought, "Paul Rudd handles it adorably."