If Mitt Romney's choice for Vice President, Paul Ryan, looks familiar -- it may be because of his striking resemblance to a character on "The Office."

Mashable is among the many media outlets who have noted that the longtime Wisconsin representative is a dead ringer for Gabe Lewis (played by Zach Woods). The site suggests that Woods should portray Ryan in the inevitable election season sketches on "Saturday Night Live" this Fall.

The public response to the resemblance recalls the 2008 Presidential election: Almost immediately after McCain announced that Sarah Palin would be his running mate, the Internet was abuzz with commentary about the comedic potential of a Tina Fey lookalike on the GOP ticket. Before too long, Fey spoofed the VP candidate in several memorable "SNL"" skits, where she poked fun at Palin's unmistakable diction and perceived ignorance on matters of basic geography and critical foreign affairs.

It's safe to say that the popular variety show played a role in voter perceptions, and we can't imagine that Woods and the show's producers will miss this golden opportunity for political satire. It's easy to imagine Woods playing opposite Jason Sudekis, who has already proven he can nail a Romney impression.

As with Fey and Palin, the physical similarities between Ryan and Woods are uncanny.

In early 2011, "Office Tally" posted a photo of Ryan speaking as Gabe.

"Congressman Paul Ryan delivered the Republican response to President Obama's State of the Union address tonight. Or was that 'The Offices' Gabe Lewis," joked the fan site.

Since Ryan was announced as the potential VP, comparisons between the two have been relentless.

That Drunk Hulk parody Twitter feed responded, "COOL! ROMNEY PICK GABE LEWIS FROM 'THE OFFICE' AS RUNNING MATE!"

 "Mitt Romney has picked Paul Ryan for his vice presidential running mate, who looks exactly like that tall gaunt creepy pale guy Gabe Lewis from 'The Office,'" wrote Beat Week. "The similarities are numerous. Gabe joined The Office just as it was getting less funnier, and it's since sunk further. Paul Ryan joins the Romney campaign as his poll numbers sink to a new low..."

Gabe has become a popular character on the NBC series due, in large part, to his cluelessness and amusingly unsuccessful bid for power.

Like Gabe, who consistently fails to win over his coworkers, Ryan is unpopular. According to USA Today, 42% of Americans think he's a poor choice for VP.