Socialite Paulina Gretzky is famous for being hot, but she literally caught fire at a California bar on Wednesday, according to a report.

Gretzky was reportedly sitting near a fire pit at the Tipsy Goat in Thousand Oaks, Calif., when she attempted to flick her cigarette into the embers, sources told TMZ. As she turned to toss the cigarette, the end of her sweater dipped into the fire and went ablaze.

According to eyewitnesses, several onlookers rushed to Gretzky’s side and helped her take off the sweater, TMZ reports. The 24-year-old’s representatives confirmed that she did not suffer any injuries in the incident.


This isn’t the first time that the Tipsy Goat’s fire pit has caused problems for Gretzky. The Twitter star was once asked to leave the California bar for dancing on the same structure, TMZ reports.

Luckily, Gretzky recently garnered headlines for reasons other than her close encounter with a fire pit. The daughter of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky is the cover girl for the December issue of Maxim magazine, and looks as gorgeous as ever in white lingerie. Her entire Maxim photo shoot can be viewed here.

In an interview with Maxim, Gretzky discussed the criticism she’s received over her propensity to post swimsuit photos to her popular Twitter account. "Some people gave me such a hard time for posting all these swimsuit pics on Twitter," she told the magazine. "I'm sorry, I'm not posting pictures when I'm reading a book. I feel like social media is supposed to be for fun, to share what you're doing when you're enjoying life. I don't take the time to think, OK, should I post the photo that has my boobs in it or the one where I'm in a turtleneck?"

Twitter users don’t seem to be too upset about Gretzky’s swimsuit photos. The model has nearly 280,000 followers on the social media site.