As Nintendo has its Wii, Kinect is there for Xbox360 and the Move for the PS3. Only the Personal Computer was left without the latest in gaming interfaces. Now your PC can also boast a motion controlled interface, called Wavi Xtion, to be launched next year.

PrimeSense, an Israel-based company which licensed core Kinect technology to Microsoft, announced that it is teaming up with PC and peripheral maker Asus to create a motion interface device for the PC. The gear will be rolled out at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The interface will not only be used for gaming but for browsing and accessing content on the PC as well. There will also be APIs for third-party developers and a Wavi Xtion store where developers can sell motion-controlled apps

PrimeSense's motion controller gets the Xtion part of its name from its own 3D capture technology called the Xtion, which is mated to a transmitter/receiver dubbed as WAVI (Wireless Audio & Video Interaction system ).

The system will launch in the second quarter, but the companies haven't released prices yet. It will have to compete with the $150 for Microsoft's Kinect.

Already, some enterprising hackers have adapted the Kinect for use on a PC, and created a number of variations on the interface. But none of that technology is officially licensed by or endorsed by Microsoft.