Get ready to fall back in love with Thomas Shelby. The ultimate bad boy from 1920s Birmingham is back in the newest installment of BBC Two’s hit series “Peaky Blinders.” Season 3 premieres in the U.K. Thursday, May 5, and we’ve rounded up all the juicy (and limited) news that’s been released about the forthcoming episodes.

Check out four things to know before watching the premiere:

A Brief Recap

Tommy (Cillian Murphy) followed through on his order to assassinate a soldier, while using the chaos to give his boys a chance to burn all the gaming licenses at the track. With the gaming licenses gone, his new love interest May (Charlotte Riley) can get the board to allocate new licenses to only members of the Peaky Blinders.

But Tommy doesn’t get a chance to celebrate. Three men hired by Inspector Campbell (Sam Neill) take Tommy prisoner and bring him out to an open field to dispose of him. Just before he’s about to get executed, one of his captors turns on the other men and shoot them. He then warns Tommy that Mr. Churchill (Richard McCabe) spared his life. But he wants something in return.

Unfortunately, that’s not the only thing Tommy has to worry about now. He’s torn between two women: May, who can give him power, and Grace (Annabelle Wallis), who revealed earlier in the day that she was pregnant with his child.

It sounds like Tommy has made up his mind, though. The Season 2 finale concluded with him revealing to Michael (Finn Cole) that he’s getting married.

Episode 1 Synopsis

The series has been off the air for a year and a half, and its producers don’t plan on making fans wait any longer to dive into the drama. According to the synopsis released by BBC Two, a “mysterious visitor” will arrive in the middle of the festivities on Tommy’s “long-awaited wedding day.” And this person won’t be welcomed with open arms. In fact, the visitor will put the entire Shelby family in harm’s way. (Not that they weren’t already.)

Although Tommy just got himself out of Campbell’s grip, he’ll find himself “pulled into a web of intrigue more lethal than anything he has yet encountered.”

New Additions to the Cast

Inspector Campbell is out of the picture, so expect Tommy to face some new foes. “Hot Fuzz” actor Paddy Considine will be playing a character who goes up against the gangster. “Game of Thrones” alum Alexander Siddig also joins the cast as Ruben Oliver, a man who appears to have some history with Polly (Helen McCrory) based on a promotional photo that has been released.

Other new names attached to the show include “The Bastard Executioner” actor Richard Brake, “Berlin Station” actor Richard Dillane, “Jekyll & Hyde” actress Stephanie Hyam and “Wolf Hall” actress Kate Phillips.

A New Sneak-Peek Video

Catch a sneak peek of what’s in store for Tommy in Season 3:

“Peaky Blinders” Season 3 premieres in the U.K. on BBC Two Thursday, May 5, at 9 p.m. local time. No date for the show’s premiere on Netflix in the U.S. has been announced yet.