“Persona 5” gameplay has been uploaded by Atlus, and it details how social links contribute to stats in the final game. The footage technically isn’t new, but the direct feed of the clip is.

For the sake of our English-speaking audience, we’ve embedded a translated version of the video. In it, the main protagonist talks to his friend, Ryuji, about soccer and details his preference in sports. In true franchise fashion, the player can choose if his or her character likes soccer, baseball or neither. The demo shows the result of the first option. For opening up that personal connection, one charm point is awarded.

These moments may seem a bit mundane to those not acquainted with “Persona,” but they’re actually a major part of the experience. These relationships, formed with NPCs and party members like Ryuji, are called social links. Measured sections of conversation essentially break up the dungeon-crawling combat and have a huge impact on it. As the clip clearly illustrates, the main character’s stats improve even outside the heat of battle.

This brief section was first demoed by Atlus during the “Take The Treasure” event live stream that was conducted for Japanese speakers at the end of July. Over several hours, dedicated fans were privy to extensive gameplay dives, announcements, commercials and support character reveals. In the months leading up to “Persona 5’s” global launch targets, the detailing was probably the most in-depth look at the title that we’ve seen to date.

In terms of story details, character bios from the “Persona 5” website describe Ryuji as something of a problem child that acts as a bad influence on the main character. His disruptive nature encourages the lead to form the game’s main party of delinquent vigilantes called the Phantom Thieves.

“Persona 5” releases on Feb. 14, 2017. It’s being developed for PS3 and PS4.

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