Brazilian oil company Petrobras announced Thursday evening that it has launched an environmental impact survey in the Santos Basin following a pipeline rupture that happened there three days ago.

The company also announced that all the oil leaked into the South Atlantic from the rupture has been collected, but if any traces remain, vessels will mechanically disperse the oil.

All contingency procedures adopted are in strict compliance with the emergency plans, Petrobras said.

The cause of the rupture is still under investigation. The pipeline connected a well head on the ocean floor to a floating platform. The platform was conducting a well test when the rupture took place. The well's safety mechanisms responded appropriately and the well was closed off automatically.

Finally, Petrobras reports it will only request approval to resume the Carioca Nordeste Extended Well Test after the investigation concerning the causes of the incident has been completed, the company said.

Brazilian officials have placed the spill at 26 cubic meters of oily water.