A Philippine ferry carrying roughly 60 people off the coast of Burias Island, about 200 miles from the capital city of Manilla, has sunk. Coast Guard ships and helicopters are in the process of rescuing the passengers, but one woman has died, according to news reports. 

The Associated Press reports that the inter-island ferry left from Pio Duran port in Albany on early Friday morning. About three hours later, the ferry sank about 12 miles off the coast of Burias Island.  

Coast Guard officials have reportedly rescued at least 34 other people. 

"We could no longer see the ferry. It appears to have sunk," coast guard Seaman 1st Class John Michael Mandane told radio station DZBB, according to the Associated Press.

Weather in the area was reportedly calm at the time of the ferry’s sinking. 

This is a breaking news story. Check back for more updates as they develop.