At the "World of Capcom" event at New York Comic-Con 2012 on Friday afternoon, Capcom's panel of marketers and product managers announced news and unveiled trailers for several games. One of the games that got the most cheers from fans, however, was the announcement of the popular investigation and courtroom simulation series, "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney," coming to iOS devices this fall.

The collection, called "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD," aims to appease the game's massive following on the Nintendo platform in the US and Japan, as well as appeal to owners of iPhones and iPads that have never played the game before.

For those that don't know anything about the "Ace Attorney" series, the games are essentially adventure games, where the player gets a case, needs to collect sufficient evidence, and them present that evidence to the witnesses in court. The series is drawn in the popular Japanese manga-style, but the game includes text dialogue and some sound clips and effects to give the games more life.

The new games for iOS won't be drastically different from the old "Ace Attorney" series for Nintendo's DS and Wii, but they will have a few new features that will make fans want to try the new port.

The Capcom panel showed images from the new iOS game, which has newly-updated visuals to take advantage of the high-resolution Retina Displays on the iPhone and iPad. In addition to completely remastered graphics in HD, the games' user interfaces have been upgraded with iOS-specific gestures, such as swiping. In addition, the iOS port will allow for greater sharing of content from the game, as players will be able to send various courtroom explanations like "Objection!" -- as well as an animated Phoenix Wright -- to their friends via email and Twitter.

Capcom said that the first two episodes of the trilogy will be completely free for iOS users; after that, players can choose to purchase each game individually or nab the entire trilogy with a single purchase. Capcom unfortunately did not announce any pricing details at Friday's event.

Capcom did promise, however, that "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD" is coming to iPhone and iPad this fall. The company has also previously said its games will soon be ported Google's popular Android platform as well, likely this fall.