Pinterest, the online pin board photo sharing phenomenon, has certainly climbed the Web's social popularity ladder. The newest craze has put a hiatus on pending membership requests, placing wannabe users on a waiting list because of the spike in its numbers recently.

Unlike other social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, signing up for a free account isn't so instantly gratifying. Upon request, the user receives a message saying, Thanks! We'll send you an invite as soon as we can.

The Internet-based social scrapbook, seemingly geared towards the female population, allures potential members with its scrolling slideshow of screen caps titled, Save Your Recipes! Plan a Wedding! and Find Your Style! to name a few.

But for virtual visualists that might be feeling impatient and craving a taste of more masculine tidbits, a different online obsession could be the answer. A new photo-sharing site, which looks almost identical to the widely-popular pin board, has sprouted up in the Web world. Gentlemint , described as a mint of manly things, features male-themed photos and content posted by users.

Littered with images of new electronics, beer commercials and whiskey cocktail recipes, the newly developed online community invites users to cater to manly interests. Visitors are greeted by a monocle-clad mustachioed face and a quote from the American Moustache Institute.  

They're a site that lets you grab everything, co-founder Glen Stansberry said to Forbes when referring to Pinterest. We're focused on a particular set of content. We'll never have that big of a user base.

The site, which has only been available for public use in the last month or so, was developed in the span of 12 hours by Stansberry and co-founder Brian McKinney. And the two developers may have bred the macho website just at the right time. Pinterest's increasing waiting list has potential users flustered about the delay, and some took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction.

OMG- now I am on a waiting list for pinterest...How long will I have to wait? tweeted one impatient user.

trying to join Pinterest but...whats with the waiting list?! wrote another.

In addition to fostering impatience among patrons, the waiting list may drive away potential traffic, especially among the male community which the site already lacks.

So I decided to check out *gag* pinterest and am already annoyed. 'request an invite' really? 'thank you for joining the waiting list' a male user tweeted.

How long must one stew on the Pinterest waiting list before the doorman lets him in? another male tweeter posted.

Gentlemint currently has 149 pages of content, with its freshest posts producing baring little to no comments. Pinterest's page is cluttered with threads of user feedback under each image, and its Jan. traffic amounted to almost a third of Twitter's, according to The New York Post.

 It's too early to tell how the waiting list and the emergence of the mustachioed man site will affect Pinterest traffic. But Stansberry said his intention was never to rival its more feminine counterpart. Underneath the bacon-themed novelties and gun assortments is one underlying goal: to have fun.

When we were designing the site, we just kept having fun with the idea of the manly mustache and elements like that so we went with it, said Stansberry to The Daily Dot. It's supposed to be fun and make people laugh and that is gender-neutral.