The younger Middleton sister and style icon Pippa was spotted at the Alice Temperley show at the London Fashion Week, where she was photographed seated next to Hollywood actress, Rosario Dawson.

She took the front row as Temperley, one of her favorite designers, unveiled her Spring/Summer 2012 collection at the show.

Middleton came into fashion spotlight when she wore a sleek Alexander McQueen bridesmaid dress for her sister's royal wedding that was designed by Temperley. All eyes have been on the younger Middleton, whose social life includes attending high-end events.

Middleton was seen at the Temperley London fashion show held Monday at the British Museum. The show launched elegantly glamorous designs inspired by the silver screen.

Middleton was spotted sitting in the front row with Dawson, who wore a red lace dress by Temperley. Middleton wore a satin printed dress and black booties, a different style from what she usually wears. Earlier that day, she was spotted in a heart-print shirt, a black blazer and denim jeans running about in London.

The royal sister-in-law celebrated her 28th birthday two weeks ago.