Gamers are going to get their first look at “Planetside 2” on the Sony PlayStation 4 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo this June.

“Planetside 2” creative director Matt Higby and senior art director Tramell Isaac revealed new details surrounding the free-to-play, massively multiplayer, online first-person shooter (MMOFPS) during a live stream on Thursday. According to comments made by Higby, “Planetside 2” is expected to run at 1080p resolution during gameplay. While the exact frame rate of “Planetside 2” on PS4 continues to remain unconfirmed, Higby described the game as running a “smooth framerate” during the live stream. Higby also likened the graphics quality of “Planetside 2” on PS4 to be on par with Ultra quality on the PC.

While he shied away from declaring a release date for the MMOFPS, Higby did confirm that “Planetside 2” would make an appearance during E3 in Los Angeles, California this summer.

“Planetside 2” originally made its debut back in 2012 on the PC as a remake to “Planetside” which was released in 2003. In June 2013, Sony Online Entertainment announced that “Planetside 2” would eventually make its way to the PlayStation 4 video game console. While originally expected to be released before the end of 2013, it was later delayed to an early 2014 release, which has yet to materialize. “Planetside 2” is among the number of games that were originally planned for a Fall and Winter 2013 release, but were eventually pushed back by developers and publishers for various reasons, including “Driveclub” and “Watch Dogs.”

Like the PC version, “Planetside 2” is also expect to follow the free-to-play model, which has seen much success on the PS4 through titles such as “Warframe” and “Blacklight: Retribution.”

Gamers looking to try out “Planetside 2” before the PS4 release can play it for free on PC by downloading the game from the official website.